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Pickup Procedure - After Camp and School

The following pickup procedures/guidelines have been put in place to help safeguard against accidents.  With over 200 students being dismissed at the same time, it is MANDATORY that everyone adheres to to following:

1) No student is permitted to be picked up in the lane directly in front of the school (marked "no pickup zone" on this map).  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

2) Parents and visitors must park in the green zone on this map.  If you are picking up a student, please park your car and meet them at the band gate.  If you do not wish to meet them each night, please discuss with them a pickup plan so they will know where to find your car.

3) Do NOT park in the RED zone or student parking area.  The RED zone my have sections practicing there or equipment on the ground that will be damaged if you attempt to park there.

4) Only individuals with a valid handicap placard, that need to leave their vehicle, are permitted to use the handicap spots.  The handicap spots are behind barricades and should be used only when necessary. 

4) If you wish to watch the students practice, please park your car in the designated area and proceed to the parent viewing area.  

5) Follow the yellow line to keep traffic flowing in one direction.  The lane directly in front of the school is narrow and by following this flow it will help with congestion.

6) DO NOT MOVE OR GO AROUND THE BARRICADES.  Barricades have been put in place with the safety of the students in mind.  NO ONE is permitted to move them without approval from the Band Director.  

Thank you for helping us keep all of our band family safe!